‌Introducing Ballantine Dream

Ballantine Dream is a professional video corporation which shares video production knowledges 
regarding various video production and Youtube video education to creators from all over the world

Ballantine Dream

Ballantine Dream Inc. is a motion graphic studio that is growing steadily based on promotional videos for famous domestic and international brands as well as games. Our company is expanding its business into non-game fields, including the entertainment industry. Our company is dedicated to constant growth and development through ongoing research of future technologies such as motion graphics, advertising videos, design, UX/UI, development, video editing, and virtual experiences. We aim to support users and partners worldwide in achieving their goals and growing together.




Feb 2018 (BPC-lab : March 2013)


61, Bongeunsa-ro 68-gil, Gangnam-gu,
Seoul, Republic of Korea


‌Video design production, video education service


‌Service industry, Design industry,
Ad agency and production, Software development and etc‌

CX Team

‌UX / UI planning and design,
Development, Service planning,
marketing, etc.

Contents Team

‌Video education contents
Promotional video production,
Education Research and Lecture

Motion Team_1

2D Animation Motiongraphic
Press Invitation Media

UA Marketing AD

Motion Team_2

Viral Movie Commercial Film
Motion Graphic Design &
3D Anmation Artwork