For the members of BALLANTINE DREAM,
we strive to provide a better working environment, welfare, and a positive culture
A young company with a bright and positive atmosphere where wonderful people bond together

A young company culture built by the next-gen, where each department and team foster a positive atmosphere. This company is well-prepared for remote work and telecommuting. The culture emphasizes using respectful language, showing mutual respect among colleagues.
An organization where the company and its members grow together

The company fosters natural growth of competencies and projects while working. It actively supports employee development through education expense coverage. Employees have access to educational services, such as purchasing necessary books and attending seminars. The company ensures high-quality equipment and software to upgrade work efficiency.
Creating videos, designs, and development with skilled and talented colleagues

The company comprises employees with specific expertise in their respective departments, each of them with a strong skill set and impressive career backgrounds. Talented members with robust skills form teams to undertake projects, ensuring efficient and rapid task completion. The collaboration between the IT and video production departments results in high-quality projects, leveraging their strengths to deliver exceptional outcomes.
Flexible working hours/
Partial telecommuting

Digital identity is a secure method for you to access services, confirm your identity, and utilize government and other online services without the need for in-person visits, resulting in time and cost savings.

Happy birthday to you 🎉
50,000 KRW for Naver Pay

Happy birthday to all members of BALLANTINE DREAM! As a birthday gift, we are giving out Naver Pay 50,000 won mobile gift vouchers.

Health maintenance expenses of 1,000,000 KRW

We provide 1 million won per year for Personal Training fees. After consulting with department directors, employees can avail of this benefit. Additionally, we are currently constructing an in-house fitness room to promote employees' well-being.
Standing desk/
premium chair

For health purposes, we have prepared height-adjustable standing desks and high-quality chairs that offer excellent lumbar support.

Support for meals and snacks during additional working hours

When working overtime, meal expenses, snacks, and transportation costs are all provided for free. (Costs related to work are handled separately). During night shifts, dinner is provided, and on holidays and public holidays, both meal expenses and snack costs are covered as well.
Free snacks provided
(snacks, coffee, beverages)

Snacks are provided free of charge to satisfy any mid-work hunger. We have stocked a snack display shelf, a beverage refrigerator, and coffee, all readily available during work hours. If you have any specific snacks in mind, feel free to make a request!
Corporate card

Enjoy lunch gatherings and break time with your team members. During challenging work hours, use the corporate card to have a sweet break. We support creating a space for conversation and provide the corporate card to facilitate these moments of relaxation.
Casual dress code and individualistic appearance

Feel free to express your individuality through tattoos, hair colors, clothing styles, and any other means you prefer. Unless there are specific meetings that require a particular dress code, we en- courage all members to have the freedom to dress as they wish. So come as you are.
Annual/Monthly Leave,
Personnel Management System

To promote the recommended use of annual leave and time off, we have implemented a paid personnel management system (Flex) that allows all employees to systematically check and apply for their vacations and leave. This system ensures a more organized and efficient process for managing time off.
Office cleaning management System

The external cleaning company takes care of cleaning our workspace thoroughly 2 to 3 times a week. This effort allows our employees to focus solely on their tasks and helps prevent the spread of COVID-19. We prioritize providing a clean and safe environment for everyone at the workplace.
Relax lounge and massage chairs

We have a dedicated relaxation space for you to unwind. It features a spacious and comfortable setup with bed-sized sofas and massage chairs to help you relax and relieve muscle tension. Take a moment to rest and rejuvenate in this wide and pleasant area.

As time goes by, people will seek more videos.
Now, we are providing video services worldwide and
even developing  educative video production.

BALLANTINE DREAM is a company with dreams and aspirations.

The hiring process
01 Resume Screening

Please send your cover letter, resume, and portfolio. We will carefully review them. We don't keep of your documents after checking them.
02 Interview

If you pass the resume screening, we will contact each candidate separately. The interview process involves interview with team leaders, department heads, and executives simultaneously. Both successful and unsuccessful candidates will be quickly informed of the interview result.
03 Contract abd Probationary Period

Congratulation on your success! During the 3-months probationary period, both Ballantine Dream and the new member of the team will have time to bond with each other as a part of the team.